We lease 600+ acres in the Hill Country of Central Texas. The lease is bordered by a highway on one side and three adjacent ranches. The land owner grazes 30-40 cattle on the property. Wildlife water availability on the lease is limited to two float activated water troughs located very near our camp area. Unfortunately we are restrained by the land owner in laying any additional water lines and adding more water troughs. On the adjacent properties, water is available in tanks and water troughs, all of which are sufficiently near to the lease fence boundaries where wildlife can easily access those water sources. When there is sufficient rain, water collects in old tanks and a creek on our lease. Unfortunately, there continues to be a drought that limits this water supply. As you probably already guessed, our hunting productivity decreased.

All wildlife require water and they will travel until they find water.  Out of frustration, we began experimenting with water delivery systems two years ago to improve our wildlife management program.  The primary objectives we set out to meet were to develop portable, reliable, and self sufficient water delivery systems.  We place our Oasis Wildlife Water Systems units adjacent to broadcast feeders, enclose them in fenced pens (to keep the livestock out), and locate them near one side of the fence.  One of our learnings is that the fenced pens need to be sufficiently large enough (we set a minimum of 20 feet per side) to account for the natural claustrophobic nature of the whitetail deer.  Placing the device close to one side of the pen creates an open area in the pen such that the deer readily cross the fence.  Because we routinely (1-2 months) travel to the lease to refurbish feeders, we find it very simple to add water to the water delivery systems as we visit each feeder. Results?  First, our game cameras provide evidence that whitetail deer, turkey, and hogs routinely drink water from these devices.  Secondly, our experience is that 50 gallons of water lasts approximately 15-20 days at each device location. Thirdly, we see more wildlife on the lease and harvested more quality deer this past season than in the previous three years.  Fourthly, we believe in Oasis Wildlife Water Systems products.  Development continues with poly tanks and larger size tanks to facilitate various needs and uses for our customers.